Silvia Jordan

Silvia JordanBorn in Freyre, on November 29, Cordoba, Argentina, 1961. Doctor of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Design National University of Misiones, University Masters in Teaching, FI, U.Na.M, Specialization in University Teaching, F.H and C.S., U.Na.M.

Professor in Ceramic, Technical Ceramic, Drawing and Sculpture, also works as a Professor in the Faculty of Arts, National University of Misiones. Scholarships 1989 to 1991 School of Fine Arts, Cárcova, Buenos Aires. 1991, National University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1991 and 1993 Faculty of Art Education, Hiroshima Japan, Mombusho. Introduction and improvement Graduate Research, U.Na.M. Artists in Residence Program of the Institute for Ceramics in Shigaraki, Japan, in two occasions: in October 1992 and from January to March 1998. Regular Lecturer, F.A., U.Na.M. Research Category II, National Research Incentive Scheme. Coordinated exhibitions. “Flags of Identity, Memory and Identity” and “Art Tour” in the city of Oberá and Posadas; doing individuals and group exhibitions in the country and abroad: Japan, Paris, Egypt, Croatia, USA, Brazil, Paraguay.

Director of the “1st and 2sd International Conference of Art-Education,” PICEF, “Proposals to Create removing Interdisciplinary Borders”, August 2007 and October 2010, in the Arts and Desing Faculty at U.Na.M. Oberá Misiones.

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